My story

 I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a 10-year-old girl, I knew that I was going to be a designer. I didn't know which field, but I ended up studying industrial design. 
When I was done, I felt like something was missing.. 
I wanted to have creative freedom and work more digitally.  So I decided to change my direction, develop new skills and become a 3D artist. 
Today, I run my own studio and work with clients who trust me and my creative visions.  
With 10 years experience in the design industry, my expertise lies in art direction, product visualization, and I love to work innovative with commercial projects. 

Selected clients: 
Edisen, Happyf&b, Verso, Nootka, Bagliora, Holdit, Meraki Gin, Svenska Krämfabriken, Common muse, Hbs Nordic, Chambel Agency, Monki, Svenska Spel, Styling Agenten, Fempowerment, Tan Revel, Great Earth and many more. - IG: Nadiazlee

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